Responsible business on the agenda at circular Rubtiler in Poland

Pure Consultings advisors has been in Poland to inspire responsibility, and contribute with tools verktøy to better environment and supply chain.

Poland recycled 25% of their waste in 2013. In 2020, this should reach 50%, and with this goal, opportunities for new businesses arise. Pure Consulting has the pleasure of assisting one of these businesses – Rubtiler, who recycle old tires. In the small town of Slawno, outside of Warsaw, Polish, German and Dutch tires gets put to new use. With support from EEA Grants, through Innovation Norway, Rubtiler are opening two new production lines. The new lines gives better usage of the materials they extract for reselling and is an important contribution in facing resource shortages. Rubtiler also produces rubber tiles for outdoor playgrounds and artificial greens.