Circulab workshop for IKEA in Malmö

IKEA is adapting to a more circular economy. To come up with ideas and solutions for a more circular business model, Inter IKEA Systems has arranged two Circulab workshops facilitated by Pure Consulting and Wiithaa.

Every year IKEA invites their sustainability retail responsibles from around the world to meet in Sweden to build competence and discuss further development of the company. This year one of the main topics were how IKEA best can adapt to a more circular business model.

Part of the program was a Circulab workshop. In the workshop a group of 17 persons from countries like Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Iceland and Kuwait discussed different approaches to circular economy for IKEA. Brieuc Saffré from Wiithaa, Nina Schefte and Kia Klavenes from Pure Consulting facilitated the workshop.

The workshop in Malmö was a follow-up of the Circulab workshop that took place in Barcelona in June.