Pure Consulting – wanted speakers

Lecture on partnership and private sector at London School of Economics (LSE)

Jan-Gustav Strandenæs, of Pure Consulting, held a main talk at a seminar held by the prestigious London School of Economics, bearing the title Reinventing UN and private sector cooperation to implement the 2030 Development Agenda. The seminar cast a light on how private sector works towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Jan-Gustavs presentation on how Pure Consulting is working on the SDGs aroused great interest with the listeners. LSE had invited researchers and representatives from around the globe, and the UN was represented as well.


It became clear that Norwegian businesses is in front on using the SDGs as a framework when working on sustainability.

The UN system is developing guidelines for partnership models, that will work as a guideline for the annual reports from the UN. This work will be done by the coordinating organ for the SDGs, the High Level Political Forum (HLPF). Last summer, Stine was a member of the Norwegian UN delegation to HLPF in New York. By request from UN, she presented thoughts on how business is part of the solution.

With his background in Pure Consulting and work with the UN, Jan-Gustav could draw lines from HLPF and Stines talk into his own lecture on partnership and sustainability.