Meet our new team member

We are very excited to welcome a new team member to Pure Consulting

Thea is 24 years old and is currently studying on the European Masters Programme on Society, Science and Technology (ESST) at the University of Oslo.

Her background is international, relevant and varied. She graduated from Cass
Business School in London with a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies and has since
then worked for DnB and IBM, as well as starting up ”Wooopit S.p.z.o.o” , a food
delivery company operating in Wroclaw. Thea has great entrepreneurial spirit
and is starting up – ”The air bnb of skills and

Thea is passionate about developing business -models that are both profitable and sustainable. She is especially interested in how companies can develop business models that allow to grow and build sustainable competitive advantage.

As a Master’s student, Thea keeps up-to- date with the latest research into the interaction between technology, science and  societal development. Her research
projects is concerned with the economical, political and cultural implications of
changes and development within the fields of technology and science.

Thea is now joining Pure Consulting as a part-time project assistant. She will
primarily work with communication and project support.

We are excited to welcome Thea to our team and feel confident that she will be a
valuable addition to Pure Consulting.