Pure Consulting employs a group of experienced and highly qualified consultants, each with a distinctive competence and specialized proficiency. We all have a unique understanding of how sustainable development should be made into dynamic, relevant and profitable business strategies. By using strategic and commercial insight we quickly come to understand our clients’ needs, and our experience and prowess allows us guide our customers to understand how to best integrate sustainable development as an integral element in their own strategies for their future.

Our Board of Directors

Styret i PURE Consulting består av tre personer som alle er engasjert og interessert i området samfunnsansvar. De har utøvet det, de har følt det på kroppen og de har tro på det.

Geir Gustav Hantveit
Gerhard Heiberg
Ingar Skaug

Our Network

Pure har samarbeid med et bredt nettverk av ekspertise. Nettverket består av organisasjoner, systemer, fagpersoner, NGOer og konsulenter med spisskompetanse innenfor ulike områder.

International Development Norway


We work with small, median and large scale enterprises and systems within the private, public and volunteer sector. We are more than willing to provide case studies as examples of previous work or as references; we are also represented in different lines of business, and national and international businesses and organizations are among our many customers.

A key concern for Pure Consulting is to have our output focussed on results for our customers as well as for society. We can assist our customers with advise, innovation, develop concepts, dissemination and communication of issues and secure our services firmly with the business or organization. Our input may be used for single projects or in larger processes were we will employ tools developed by Pure Consulting’s to help promote the process.


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