Sustainable ocean industries
Ocean industries contain several major sectors, such as maritime and fisheries & seafood, as well as oil and gas. These play a crucial role for Norway and the world. The resources from the marine environment can contribute to solve some of our largest global challenges – such as the increasing need for food, energy and transport routes. However, the oceans are currently struggling with several major challenges, and thus more sustainable utilization of the oceans are necessary for us to continue to utilize the oceans in the future.

What trends and changes do you need to be aware of?

The ocean covers 70% of the planet, and it regulates the climate, produces oxygen, it is a source for food to millions of people, and provides home a tremendous biological diversity. We are seeing that more people and businesses are becoming aware of the vulnerability of the ocean ecosystems, for example regarding fish stock depletion, marine litter and pollution, ocean acidification, as well as nutrient input. At the same time, the ocean also represents numerous opportunities for businesses and innovation. The Norwegian government has put oceans high on the agenda and taken a leading role in several international ocean initiatives, such as High-level Panel for Sustainable Ocean Economy.

Our expertise

Pure Consulting has experience from working with the maritime sector and shipping, and the seafood industry. We collaborate with our clients on integrating sustainability within their core business strategies, contribute to knowledge building and training, stakeholder dialogues, as well as implementation of sustainability strategies and employee engagement.

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