Shared Value

Pure – the only consulting company in Norway with certified Shared Value advisers

Having signed a contract with the US based ‘Shared Value Initiative’, Pure was awarded a certificate to counsel and advise businesses within the Shared Value concept.

The Shared Value Initiative with its business philosophy known as Creating Shared Value (CSV) was established in 2011 to promote this work and that of the Harvard Business School with two of its professors, Michael Porter and Mark Kramer.

CSV strategies push boundaries and content within social responsibility and accountability beyond what is traditionally accepted today. The CSV approach is much more than caring for immediate surroundings. It identifies how a business can create and engender economic values while at the same time also create values for the society by addressing and solving needs and challenges. The social responsibility of the company is consequently linked directly to the main activities of the business.

In October 2015, after having concluded training in Boston, Pure’s Stine Lise was certified as a Shared Value adviser. Following this event, the Shared Value Initiative appointed Pure as its first and only partners in Norway.

As a Shared Value partner in the Shared Value Initiative, Pure is given access to inspiring initiatives from other partners in the network and can draw on their experiences. Drawing on this network, solid and practical initiatives and concrete input within sustainable development and relevant to business practices are shared. In addition new research on effects of sustainable development and solutions are continuously updated. With this ongoing flow of information from the Shared Value network our inspiration is afresh and always useful for our work.

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Pure Consulting is certified affiliate of the SVI