Pure Consulting are a team of experienced and highly-qualified consultants, each with distinctive competencies and fields of expertise. We have a unique approach to aligning business strategy with sustainable development in a way that is dynamic, relevant and creates value for business and society. By combining our expertise in sustainability, commercial insight, and experience from a range of industries, we are able to quickly understand our clients’ needs, and support in successfully integrating sustainable strategies for companies that are fit for the future.


From April 1, 2020, Pure Consulting becomes part of KPMG – and is now called KPMG Pure Sustainability. We bring our great team of advisers into KPMG Headquarter at Majorstuen in Oslo. Our ambition is to scale up, so that we can meet increased demand for sustainability advice and contribute to the necessary green shift in Norwegian and Nordic business.

If you wish to contact us after April 1, please send us an email at: stine.bratsberg@kpmg.no phone 0047 92 89 44 11 or kia.klavenes@kpmg.no phone 0047 97 02 68 50.



The Board of Directors at Pure Consulting consists of five people who are all passionate about sustainability, and have experience of working with sustainability within their industries.

Geir Gustav Hantveit 
Ingar Skaug
Shahzad Rana
Karen Landmark
Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg

Our Network

Pure cooperates with a broad network of experts within the field of sustainability. This network consists of organisations, service and systems providers, NGOs and consultants, all with their own unique expertise.

Shared Value Initiative
Polyteknisk Forening


Our Partners

Nordic Screens
International Development Norway
The Palladium Group
Sustainable Brand Index
PA Consulting


Our responsibility

Our vision is “Take responsibility- show responsibility”, meaning that we work for a world where everyone can feel secure in the knowledge that products and services delivered by business are sustainable and make a positive impact for key stakeholders. This naturally applies to our own business as well, and we take responsibility to ensure that our business leaves a positive footprint. You can read more about our responsibility here.

Our clients

We work with small, medium-sized and large organisations from the private, public and voluntary sector. We have solid experience in a number of sectors, and have worked with both national and international clients.

We care about results for our clients, for the planet and for society. Our services include advisory services, training and development, innovation and concept development, strategy development and implementation and communication services.


Kongensgate 11A
N-0151 Oslo



NB! From April 1, 2020

KPMG Headquarter Norway

Sørkedalsveien 6, Majorstuen

0306 Oslo