What is sustainable urban development about?
Increasing population growth and urbanization, as well as climate changes and the transition towards a low carbon society necessitates major changes in the planning and implementation of urban development. Sustainable urban development and green mobility creates opportunities for city areas and the transport sector. By emphasizing environmentally friendly solutions, supporting quality of life and social equality within cities, such strategies make sure that the cities are fit for the future.

What trends and changes do you need to be aware of?
Urban planning, as well as mobility and transport are major thematical areas with relevance for a variety of actors and activities. Within the Norwegian society, the building and construction sector has shown an increasing interest in understanding where and how it can contribute to a green and socially just society. The utilization of environmental certifications has grown rapidly, for example with BREAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method and BREAM-Nor. Other key topics within sustainable urban planning include green an open spaces, social sustainability and quality, as well as environmental challenges such as air quality, waste management and recycling. Smart and green transport and mobility solutions also has a crucial role to play.

Our expertise
Pure Consulting har experience from working with property developers, advisory engineering and architect firms, transport and mobility companies, as well as municipalities. We collaborate with our clients on sustainability strategies, knowledge building and training, circular business concepts, supply chain sustainability, and stakeholder dialogues.

Client references
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VY (previously NSB)
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