Sustainability in the retail industry
Retail is a major source of employment and essential for the Norwegian economy. Despite the industry having a relatively little climate footprint, the value chains of retail enterprises often represent large climate gas emissions. Therefore, retail can often have an important role – by setting standards and defining expectations towards actors in the value chain. The sector also has a vital function with regards to the Norwegian consumers and their ability to make sustainable consumer choices.

What trends and changes do you need to be aware of?
There are several major trends and changes that we are seeing in today´s markets. Digitalization and technological progress drives changes across the value chain, on topics such as traceability, transparency, logistics and automatization. There is an increasing demand for newer, better and more contact points towards the consumers, which challenges businesses to adapt to omnichannel (more and improved distribution channels for consumers). “Last mile delivery” – emphasizing product delivery to homes, and as well as new expectations towards reverse logistics (returning purchases), are also increasingly important. These aspects are not only critical sources of competitiveness, but also with relevance for costs as well as sustainability aspects. The Sustainable Brand Index Report from 2019 showed that Norwegian consumers are increasingly taking into account sustainability topics when deciding their purchases. Stricter environmental and ethical standards when purchasing, as well as circular concepts, makes it easier for consumers to take smarter and more sustainable choices in their everyday.

Our expertise
Pure Consulting has experience from working with a range of actors in the retail industry and across the value chains. We collaborate with our clients on sustainability strategies, communications, stakeholder dialogues and knowledge building and training. Additionally, we have also supported our clients with environmental policies, environmental and climate reporting, as well as environmental certifications. We also have Circulab-certified trainers, to facilitate a greater uptake of circular business concepts.

Client cases

  • IKEA
  • Elkjøp
  • Vinmonopolet
  • Travelretail
  • Norgesgruppen
  • Kjedehuset
  • Tekstilservice
  • Fjellsport